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Rebecca Cantrell,
Author of the Hannah Vogel Mystery Books,
Historical Mystery Series Set in Nazi Germany
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A Trace of Smoke (2009, Hannah Vogel Mystery Books #1)
WINNER! Bruce Alexander Historical Award
WINNER! Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel
FINALIST! Barry Award for Best First Novel

A Night of Long Knives (2010, Hannah Vogel Mystery Books #2)
FINALIST! Bruce Alexander Historical Award

A Game of Lies (2011, Hannah Vogel Mystery Books #3)
FINALIST! Bruce Alexander Award

A City of Broken Glass (2012, Hannah Vogel Mystery Books #4)
FINALIST! Mary Higgins Clark Award
FINALIST! Left Coast Crime Bruce Alexander Award
FINALIST! Macavity Award for Best Historical Mystery

* A Trace of Noir :: Rebecca Cantrell on Her ’Hannah Vogel’ Mysteries, Kilian Milloy, 7/7/2011, Edge
 Author Rebecca Cantrell
Above: Author Rebecca Cantrell

Rebecca's Crime Series

Hannah Vogel Mystery Books
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When I lived in Berlin it was the 1980s and the wall was still up. I had a gay host brother, the same age as me; we were in the same year in school. And we would go off and go clubbing, and there were some clubs that were gay-straight clubs, so we would go there. He would go and dance with his guys, I would go and dance with my guys, and at the end of the night we would take the bus home. .

When the following spring I went to Dachau, and I saw the ruins of the camp and I saw the pink triangles, I realized that, at that [earlier] point in history, what we had been doing would have been enough to send my host brother to a concentration camp. I was really just shocked and sad.*
Well-Researched Series Also Ratchets Up the Suspense
Rebecca Cantrell is the author of a highly regarded series, Hannah Vogel Mystery Books, set in Nazi Germany, 1931-1945.

Cantrell became interested in German history after living in Berlin for several years when she was younger. She finished high school and one semester of college there before transferring to
Carnegie Mellon University where she graduated.

Cantrell tells the following story to explain the inspiration for the Hannah Vogel Mystery Books, particularly her idea to include a main gay character:
Cantrell and her family lived in Hawaii while she wrote the first four Hannah Vogel mysteries. They plan a long stay in Berlin while she writes the fifth book in the series, to be published in 2015.
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