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Charles and Hugh's Excellent Adventure
This mystery book takes place on the eve of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950.  This is a tale of pre-occupation Tibet, which, to English writers of a certain age, exists mainly as a European male fantasy. For most of its history, Tibet kept its borders closed to Westerners, and those very few who made it to Tibet usually came back with utterly fantastic stories, like this one.

Interesting note: Davidson is said to have disliked this book. Don't know why.
The Rose of Tibet (1962) by Lionel Davidson
Cliffhanger's 4 Heart Rating
The Rose of Tibet
by Lionel Davidson
A Thriller Set in Tibet in 1950
Set in a historical era other than our own.
Book Review
The Rose of Tibet (1962)
by Lionel Davidson

A fabulous old-fashioned English adventure (today we'd call it a thriller) from a master of the genre.

This thriller has everything: wilderness survival, nasty bad guys, beautiful women, hidden treasure rooms, prophecy, betrayal, lots and lots of danger, and, of course, the Chinese army.

Davidson is that rare writer who constructs a world of such richness and detail that it lives ever after in the reader's imagination.
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