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Laurie R. King,
Author of the Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes and the Stuyvesant/ Grey Mystery Books,
Historical Mystery Series Set Between World Wars I and II
Superb Storyteller's Tales of Europe Between the Wars Beloved of Many
New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King is the author of 22 novels and three mystery series including the beloved Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes mystery books and the new Stuyvesant/ Grey Mystery Books, both of which are set in England and Europe between World Wars I and II.

King has posted a terrific autobiography on her website. Go here to read it:

I will just note a few of the fascinating ways in which King's life experience shows up in the Russell/ Holmes mysteries. Like King, Russell has an MA in theology. Like King, Russell marries a man much her senior. Like King and her husband, Russell and Holmes spend long periods apart. Like King, Russell has traveled the world, with home bases in California and England.

This is how King describes becoming a writer: "In September of 1987, when my daughter was in her second grade classroom and my son off to his preschool three mornings a week, I sat down with the Waterman fountain pen I had bought on the Oxford high street the summer before and wrote on a canary pad the words, 'I was fifteen when I met Sherlock Holmes, fifteen years old with my nose in a book as I walked the Sussex Downs, and nearly stepped on him.' And like that, I was a writer."*


WINNER! Nero Wolfe Award for the Best Novel: A Monstrous Regiment of Women (1995,Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes Mystery Books #2)

FINALIST! Agatha Award for Best NovelThe Beekeeper’s Apprentice (1994, Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes Mystery Books  #1)

WINNER! Outstanding Book for the College Bound from the American Library Association: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (1994, Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes Mystery Books  #1)

WINNER! LAMBDA Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery: The Art of Detection (2006, Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes and Kate Martinelli Mystery Books  #9)

WINNER!  Jack Reacher Award, BoucherCon, 2008

WINNER!  Gail Rich Award for the Arts, 1998


 Author Laurie R. King
Above: Author Laurie R. King

Laurie's Crime Series

Mary Russell/ Sherlock Holmes Mystery Books

Stuyvesant/ Grey Mystery Books

Kate Martinelli Mystery Books

Non-Series Crime Novels

A Darker Place (1999 APA: The Birth of a New Moon)

Folly (2001)

Keeping Watch (2003)

Califa's Daughters (under the pen name Leigh Richards, 2004)
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