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Christopher G. Moore,
Author of the Vincent Calvino Mystery Books,
Noir aka Hardboiled Series Set in Thailand
Bustin' A Move in Bangkok
In 1988, Canadian Christopher G. Moore moved to Thailand. Four years later, he published the first novel in the first  English language crime series ever to be set in South East Asia, the Vincent Calvino Mystery Books, set in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Moore relishes the challenge of bringing Bangkok to life on the page:  "A novel must deliver a sense of realism about a place, precise details about people and culture and in a larger context that allows the reader to feel part of the story. The details must be absolutely correct because there will be readers who know these places and will track you down like a dog if you get them wrong (and rightfully so because you have cheated the reader--no writer should ever do that to a reader; he or she will never forgive you). Part of the enjoyment (and the challenge) is to naturally bring the details of a place into the narrative so a reader feels he or she are actually standing in that spot, smelling those smells, and participating in something that while larger than life is indeed real."

The author of 22 novels, one non-fiction book, one collection of interlocked short stories, and one book on Thai language, Moore has a large following in Asia and Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in North America. 

Oxford-educated, Moore was a law professor at the University of British Columbia for 10 years. His first book, His Lordship's Arsenal, was published in New York to a critical acclaim in 1985. After that, he decided to become a full-time writer.

Zero Hour in Phnom Penh (Vincent Calvino Mystery Books #3 )
WINNER! 2004 German Critics Award for Crime Fiction
WINNER! 2007 Premier Special Director Book Award

Asia Hand (Vincent Calvino Mystery Books #2 )
WINNER! 2011 Shamus Award in the Best Paperback Original

Above: Author  Christopher G. Moore

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Author Christopher G. Moore
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