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Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander Mystery Books and Videos

by Janet M. Coleman on 10/08/15


The Pyramid (2008, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #1)
 Adventures of the Young Wallander. Five stories give the backstory fans will be fascinated to learn: Wallander's first case, the story of his marriage and divorce, etc.

Faceless Killers (1997, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #2)
Grotesque murder of an elderly couple may have a racial motive.

The Dogs of Riga (2001, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #3)
 Wallander follows the trail of a murder to Riga, Latvia and becomes embroiled in that country's political turmoil.

The White Lioness (1998, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #4)
 Wallander tangles with the South African secret service and a former KGB agent.

The Man Who Smiled (2005, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #5)
 On the verge of resigning from the police force, Wallander takes one last case: investigating the unexplained deaths of a friend and his father.

Sidetracked (1999, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #6)
 A retired minister of justice, an art dealer and a thief are murdered--and scalped.

The Fifth Woman (2000, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #7)
 An unsolved murder in Africa holds the essential clue to the identity of a torturer/ murderer on the rampage in Sweden.

One Step Behind (2002, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #8)
 A police officer on Wallander's team is murdered. The only clue is a snapshot of three young people at a Midsummer's Eve party.

Firewall (2002, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #9)
 Wallander senses that three seemingly random deaths are connected to an imminent terrorist attack on Sweden's digital infrastructure.

Before the Frost (2005, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #10)
 Wallander and his daughter work a case together.

An Event in Autumn (2014, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #11)
 Wallander finally finds the perfect country house only to discover a skeletal hand in the back garden.

The Troubled Man (2011, Kurt Wallander Mystery Books #12)
 The search for a missing naval officer reveals Cold War hijinks with disturbing links to current events. Series finale.

Video adaptations

BBC/ PBS television adaptations starring Kenneth Bragnagh as Kurt Wallander (UK, 2008-)

Swedish TV Series: Wallander (Swedish with English subtitles, 2005- )

R.I.P. Henning Mankell, 1948-2015

by Janet M. Coleman on 10/06/15

Henning Mankell, one of the world's most accomplished crime fiction writers, died on October 5, 2015, at the age of 67.  <More about Henning Mankell>

Mankell, a master of the crime fiction genre called "Nordic Noir," created one of the most popular fictional characters of all time: the Swedish police detective Kurt Wallender, hero of a series of police procedural books. <More about these books.>

Mankell was one of my favorite writers and he gave me many many hours of reading and viewing pleasure. I'll miss him.

Below: Swedish author Henning Mankell

Swedish author Henning Mankell (1948-2015)